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  • Unintended blending

    It was only a matter of time - slight lapse of concentration swapping beans between the grinder and storage bags, and Im now drinking a blend of approximately 1/3 caffeinated and 2/3 decaffeinated Wow. (tastes great but doesnt quite have the kick!).

    Short of running multiple grinders (which is my plan when I upgrade - keep the EM480 for decaff and get a better one for the caffeinated beans) does anyone have any systems in place for keeping their different beans apart? - or do people just measure out the amount of beans they need for a couple of shots so they dont have to keep on swapping beans in and out. The little experimentation Ive done gives the impression that the Sunbeam grinder is more consistent when full of beans (and the manual says as much) so I havent been doing that so far.

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    Re: Unintended blending

    Agreed the 0480 grinds better with more than just one shots worth of beans.
    I retired mine pretty quickly because of the noise and mess it made so it didnt become an issue for me.

    With my Macap or Gaggia MDF I still just measure enough beans for each shot and ignore the bleatings of those that say I should also put more beans in the hoppers to avoid popcorning.

    If it tastes better to you because youve put more beans in the hopper then keep doing it and work out how you might deal with the leftover beans beneath the hopper gate.
    The 0480 is a very light grinder.
    I cant easily turn my Macap upside down but you should be able to simply do it with the 0480.


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      Re: Unintended blending

      With my Mazzer Super Jolly I have removed the hopper altogether and I simply fill the neck with beans (holds exactly two double shots) and weigh these down with a spare aluminum tamper that was thrown in with some purchase from the bay of evil! Does the trick nicely without too much mess!