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  • I want to learn to roast...

    Hey Guys,

    We are planning to open our own cafe soon in regional Victoria and hope to roast our own beans there to use, sell retail and maybe even wholesale in the coming years!!

    Only problem is, my roasting expreience only goes as far as my pop corn popper at home!!

    So advice and opportunities is what Im really asking for here I guess!

    Im doing the Coffee Master Class at The coffee academy this week end and I am also doing the Coffee Chemistry tthree day course at St. Ali later in the month to gain a more scientific understanding. However, this doesnt substitute for hands on training!!!

    Any advice on courses specifically designed around roasting would be great, advice on what roaster to buy would also be amazing!! (We want it to be a center piece in the cafe). And finally, if there are any roasters out there that would like some free labour for one day a week, I put my hand up diligently... I dont mind if Im just shovelling beans into bags... I need to learn this art!!

    Looking forward to your responses!


    Steve & Jill

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    Re: I want to learn to roast...

    Hi Steve and Jill,

    Chris from Talk Coffee runs a roasting course for commercial roasting for a few hundred dollars.


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      Re: I want to learn to roast...

      And he can sought you out with a roaster too!


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        Re: I want to learn to roast...

        Originally posted by 6C6F7C7C6B620E0 link=1283988583/2#2 date=1283993894
        And he can sort you out with a roaster too!
        Sure can barrel!

        I am finding that I need to limit roast training to purchasers of roasters.

        Steve and Jillian, you are most welcome to make a time to have a gander and sample the end product. If you like and decide you want to buy a roaster, training and after sales support are gratis as with all other hardware which leaves our doors.