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Barista training in outback NSW

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  • Barista training in outback NSW

    With some friends made a trek via Dubbo,Cobar, Broken Hill, Mildura, Griffith and Cowra then home to the Blue Mountains, recently.
    Possibly connected with the Italian influence it was easy to get well made coffee in Mildura and Griffith.
    The coffee experience was reasonable at Cowra and Dubbo. I didnt try at Cobar.
    Sadly Broken Hill is seemingly out of the loop for Barista training. This is a substantial township and attracts a lot of visitors. We tried at a number of places and it was clear that any training was elementary.
    It made me wonder.

    There would seem to be an opportunity for a supplier to make an impact and at the same time provide a valuable service to the community and visitors alike.

    Adelaide would seem the likely source.

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    Re: Barista training in outback NSW

    Not saying it isnt an opportunity but trying to convice someone they need training is a difficult thing, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink!!

    The customer is really the only one who will convince the owner that they need to lift their game (and even then some wont listen)




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      Re: Barista training in outback NSW

      You make me think about the Visitors Center at Broken Hill.
      Ill bet the bloke that is regularly on the coffee machine would be very pleased to get some training. He needs the owners support (Broken Hill Tourist agency or whatever).
      The owners need to know..little chance of that.


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        Re: Barista training in outback NSW

        Training is definitely needed and not just in the outback. Local Bakery still leaves there Portafilters on the drip tray as they get in the way  : I know one of the owners fairly well but a polite mention of why it was a bad idea fell on deaf ears and that and the 1.5l jug still screams for mercy as the bubbles come over the top.

        Sometimes you do get lucky I had a good cup on the NW corner of the Flinders Ranges from someone who looked like they knew what they were doing but they were the last for 3000 kms   :-/