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One mans junk is another mans treasure

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  • One mans junk is another mans treasure

    I occasionally scour the Second Hand shops when time permits, Found a Gold anodised Italian Moka Pot Large size $12.00 thinking about it as they also have a Brass Samovar im looking at, I have got some goods Bargains at this place before but my bigest loss to date was a Atomic pot/pan, saw it and not wanting to card it i slipped up to the Bank to get some cash $ 5.00, (I Know one should always carry money ..
    Got back and the guy told me he sold it to some 25 yr old shiela who said it would make a nice pot for warming milk, Perish the thought of her using it on a Cook top..

    However did score today, a Local Banjos went Broke in one of the Centres I work for, Sad the Guy lost ! Mil/ Nice guy as well, Was throwing some stuff out at the Compactor and I got a needle Thermometer and a SS Knock Box Insert for a Bench.. CAn see some Tig work coming up here to make it a Stand alone..