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Everything but Espresso coffee tasting

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  • Everything but Espresso coffee tasting

    A big thanks to Anne for an amazing morning!
    The best coffee Ive ever tasted, a great chat and some seriously yummy snacks... this really made my day
    I think youre doing a great serivce to the community and far more generous than I could imagine... you guys should be charging admission!

    We tried a siphon, chemex, aeropress, eva solo and their fantastic cold brew... I was very impressed with the aeropress and got one... now Im excited about getting home and using it but also a bit nervious about my roasts not being up to scratch... they will certainly pale in comparison to the stuff we had today.
    It was also nice to meet a fellow CSer... but I didnt remember to grab your screen name/handle...

    Thanks again and I can recommend the sessions to anyone without reservation.
    If there are any spots left Id love to go to another that features different brewing methods...

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    Re: Everything but Espresso coffee tasting

    Thanks Chris!