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  • Signature Coffee Drinks

    SO, I did a search and also checked back through the reams of pages here for any thread on fave coffee receipes.

    I know you are all pretty much die hards and you prefer your short blacks, picco lattes (gunna teach me to do them! ) and will probably poo poo me or look down your CS nose at me!

    Why the heck start such a bun fight then, I hear you ask? :

    Well, the boss lady and I at work the other day were having a bit of fun with some different coffee drinks. (okay, here I go again about work but, hey, where else to get the creative juices flowing!!) I introduced her to my version of an affogato (but am still yet to give her a taste with my fave ingredient, thats tomorrow! ). And we had a play with another idea involving marshmallows but I wasnt really keen on that one in the end. It all came from one of our regular customers who came in for her regular coffee which I had successfully made for her for my first time on the weekend. She loved it by the way! (was there any doubt!) Ill give you the run down on that drink shortly.

    So, we come to my point. (at last! You shout!)

    I want to know what it is that defines a "Signature Drink"? I have my own idea but Id like to hear yours.

    How do you go about creating a "signature drink"? Are they really just variations on a theme? Or are they really individual creations?

    I would like to create my own "signature drink" but think it might be a while. I dont have a sweet tooth as much any more and have a preference for a bit of cheese on a biscuit instead. Hmm, maybe theres something in that... Still, theres another question for you. Does a "signature drink" need to be sweet? Could it be dry and savoury? Give me your ideas people! I swear Ill not steal them from you without permission... and give credit where credit is due!

    Of course, if youd like a drink that you have created to become famous in my town, please leave your name and receipe here and I will gladly make use of it and put your name up on the specials board in front of the shop. 8-)

    And just before you reply, I have also been researching this topic over the internet. Google is wonderful to me!!

    Scoots :P

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    Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

    On those increasingly rarer occassions when I feel the need for a sweet drink or someone requests it my signature drink is:

    Dark Chocolate
    Hazelnut syrup

    Combined to suite your tastes.

    I usually drizzle the chocolate and caramel down the sides of a 12 oz. heavy glass coffee mug(preheated of course), brew a double espresso straight into the mug and then top if off with microfoam while adding the hazelnut syrup at the same time. As an added touch I sometimes will float a mint wafer, or drizzle a bit of chocolate or caramel on top.

    For a bit of added spiciness Ill sometimes toss a pinch of cayannne pepper into the dark chocolate.

    Java "Loves that Hazelnut!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

      Ive been thinking about this for some time, but have never actually applied it. My idea is to take a tiny bit of orange zest, put it in the bottom of the pf. Distribute a double of a really chocolatey SO, Limmu, etc, and pull the shot. What I was trying to achieve would be some sort of jaffa shot.

      I got some Limmu rested, but I dont have any oranges, maybe some mandarin will do. Should test tomorrow...


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        Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

        Hmm, Javaphile, theres a growing trend towards chilli and chocolate, your idea of cayenne pepper has given me an idea.

        And the jaffa idea, nunu, Ill be keen to hear how you go with that.

        Im tossing around an idea that involves burnt toffee and strawberries. But havent come up with anything concrete yet. Should have a play with it as soon as the price of strawberries becomes reasonable!!

        And today I introduced my bosses (and an eager-to-be-guineapig customer!) to my fave way of serving affogato. It went down a treat but pity were not a licenced cafe!! So Ill just have to settle for the flavoured syrups instead but am pretty sure it wont have quite the same bite. Ah well, Ill just have to save the real thing for my friends at home!

        Thanks for the responses guys! Please keep them coming!


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          Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

          The jaffa shot went down very nicely. I just zested about 1/4 of a navel orange into the bottom of the PF. Dosed coffee over the top, distributed, and tamped it down. The shot didnt overwhelm me with orange, like I thought it may, but in the end it was very pleasant. You got some orange mixed in with the coffee aroma, as well as a hint of orange behind the chocolate notes of the Limmu.

          On the topic of flavoured syrups, you can certainly make your own, if you have access to flavour essences. You make a heavy stock syrup with 1:1 ratio of sugar:water. You bring it just to the boil to dissolve the sugar, then let it cool. Once cool, add the flavouring essence and stir well. Pour it into a bottle and you have your own. I have peppermint at home at the moment, and it goes nicely with iced coffee. Its also much cheaper than buying the syrups already done.


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            Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

            So, I was on the AASCA website today and saw the rules for judging a barista competition and was interested to see that they had the basic premise of what constitutes or at least contributes to a "signature drink". I was also amazed to see that as part of the competition you have to make FOUR signature drinks. Phew!!

            Anyway, their words were...

            The “signature” drink is any espresso-based non-alcoholic drink that you prepare during the competition. It is an opportunity to create a drink that has coffee flavours, and reflects the wider flavour combinations that are possible from espresso coffee. You will be asked to explain this drink to the judges.

            Wow. Great explanation and now to head down the path of discovery of those "wider flavour combinations" that are apparently possible!!


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              Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

              Ive heard of a sig drink that used (raw?) kangaroo meat ... Ive heard of sig drinks that use blood oranges, tobacco leaves ... the standard seems to be some combination of chocolate, hazelnut, cinnamon etc.


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                Re: Signature Coffee Drinks

                Mmmmmm...would that be a "Roo Carpacciono"? :P

                What sort of mustard would you have with that?