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  • Upcoming barista course

    Hi all,

    Ive entered into a barista course in a few weeks at CDU (Charles Darwin Uni) - not the best uni in the world but the only one here!  My reasoning is twofold - 1. so that people start believing that I might know something about making coffee, and 2. Im recommending that my church only allows trained people to use their new (2nd hand) 3 group Boema.  Oh, and 3. I do actually want to do the course to learn more!

    So what should I expect?  Are tafe style barista courses any good, or is it dependant on the trainer?  Im sure to learn something - even just some experience on real machines would be good.  (I considered working for peanuts at a local cafe just to get some machine time!)


    (EDIT: spelling )

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    Re: Upcoming barrista course

    Originally posted by 262E26212B2D4F0 link=1288568020/0#0 date=1288568020
    So what should I expect?  
    ...that theyll at the very least teach you how to spell barista?  :-? ;D

    Hope its a worthwhile course....


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      Re: Upcoming barista course

      haha, yeah I rely on my spiel chequer a lot