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Help havent had a decent cappuccino in 3 years!

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  • Help havent had a decent cappuccino in 3 years!

    Hello all, Im a newbie to this site, just found it by accident tonight whilst googling.

    I live on the Gold Coast, and I am at my wits end! Does anybody on the GC actually know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? Everywhere I go, I order a coffee somewhere new, just in case they can make one, but alas, no. I swear, if they make a latte and a cappuccino and stand them together on the counter, they look exactly the same, and still taste like crap.

    And so weak, even a double shot is pretty pathetic, who teaches these people! I mean, Im not a barista, but I know what a decent coffee is spose to taste like!

    I commented on this to an Italian guy up here who is originally from Melbourne. He said dont bother trying, I gave up ages ago, youd be better going home and making an instant coffee.

    What blends are people using? The taste like nothing! I love the Havana or Cuban blends, does anybody do these on the Gold Coast?

    And if not, am I allowed to get someone from NZ to post me some, is it allowed through Customs?

    Thanks, and sorry for being a real whinger, but OMG, I would keep for a decent coffee.

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    Re: Help havent had a decent cappuccino in 3 years! < Try this thread.

    Also, do you have your own machine at home? Thats where the best coffees come from