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Tamping Pressure and Grind thickness

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  • Tamping Pressure and Grind thickness


    I use to try and get about 15kg of pressure but was shown a while back that If you go thinner and just use the weight of the tamp that you will tamp more consistently.

    Now that Im roasting my own coffe im starting to look at the whole process again to see where I can improve.

    Will there be much difference in tast if I go back to a thicker grind and 15kg of pressure?

    Want to see what people think before I start playing with my grinder settings.


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    Re: Tamping Pressure and Grind thickness

    You will use less coffee as there is less settling with the larger grind. So if you were using weight then you will need to tweak this too.

    The 30lb - 15kg thing is just a figure and is not set in stone as the only way to do it. There is another thread were the light tamp and fine was discussed at length nut it works for me on the Pavoni.

    Have a read of this too.

    Whatever works best I reckon


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      Re: Tamping Pressure and Grind thickness

      Thanks for the link beanflying.

      I might just stick to what Im doing as I am getting good shots.
      Then again I might try a thicker grind using my old grinder to see if I can tell the difference.

      I have been using the lighter tamp for about 3-4 years now.