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  • Passionate Barista CBD Melbourne

    Hi Guys,
    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a full-time barista position in the Melbourne CBD. Im leaving in a couple of weeks to go traveling up the east coast, but would like to find someone to replace me before i go. It is a small cafe we do a modest 200-250 a day, so its not full on, but a great pace to work at. My boss is awesome and not a ball breaker. You will have great equitment and high grade coffee to work with - Synesso,robur, kony,mini.
    All we want is someone with passion and some experince.
    Oh yeah and the pay is good too. Mon-Fri about 40hrs p/w more or less depending on what you want.
    If youre interested send pm and we can catch up for a coffee.

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    Re: Passionate Barista CBD Melbourne

    Cmon somebody has got to want a mon-fri gig! You will have complete control over everything coffee related.


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      Re: Passionate Barista CBD Melbourne

      Ooooh, If only I lived in Melbourne! Considering you are travelling up the East Coast, we should swap jobs! :P