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Off Topic ADSL router Reccos

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  • Off Topic ADSL router Reccos

    My Netcomm 5580 Gateway is dieing have to disconect 2-3 times a day and its probably only 18= 24 months old, Id like a Cisco, but dont know if they make a small one, Linksys has been mentioned by my son who set the network up originally, running my old Box win2k/Wifes WinXp pro/an Imac
    (I Know- I crossed to the dark side there - but Apples are Plug and Play in the True sense of the word)..
    )and a spare slot for the Garage Puter which is ME but will go back to 98SE
    Dont expect ADSL2 for 12 months but it may be a factor..

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    Re: Off Topic ADSL router Reccos

    Hi Tepin,

    Re Value for Money and Reliability, its hard to go past the D-Link options. There are many configurations available depending on what you want to do but for general, all-around use the DSL-502T is good, if you want more networking options, then the DSL-504T might be better. Either way, they provide excellent back-up service and assistance and I have no qualms about recommending them.
    Heres a link to their web page... and to an online retailer... who Ive found to be very reliable and honest and very competitive with their pricing .

    Hope this is helpful,


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      Re: Off Topic ADSL router Reccos

      I have a Netgear (not Netcomm). Its worked well. Slightly cheaper than a D-Link normally. Both should be good options.


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        Re: Off Topic ADSL router Reccos

        Youll also find heaps of great info and smart techy people at these site too:

        WP esp will have LOTS of info (and opinions) about DSL hardware... probably more than you ever wanted to know :-)

        Just to keep this thread slightly on-topic about coffee, it was thru a posting in the LifeStyle forum at Whirlpool that I first discovered the site CoffeeSnobs....


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          Re: Off Topic ADSL router Reccos

          I highly recommend Billion, they also did quite well in a recent mag speed comparison. If you are looking at Cisco I imagine you are not after a budget modem so I would suggest the 7404vgp, it is a adsl2, wireless 4 port modem/router with voip which you might want to try out in future.
          They have an easy setup wizard or you can go to town with heaps of advanced settings. Firmware upgrades are regular and easy to install.
          Priced under $250

 for info
 for a price search