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Hawthorn east - anywhere for good coffee?

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  • Hawthorn east - anywhere for good coffee?

    Hi all,
    Was going to post this in good coffee where but it doesnt really fit in...

    A client of mine has moved office to Hawthorn East on camberwell road and im just wondering if there are any fellow snobs that know of any places aroudn the area that have good coffee

    Everywhere ive seen is either in Hawthorn or Camberwell which are both a pretty long walk just for coffee... would love to hear from anyone that can point me in the direction of a good brew in the area

    Im located at 63 camberwell road if that helps

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    Re: Hawthorn east - anywhere for good coffee?

    Collective espresso  on Cookson St

    Is good coffe and only 850 metres from your place according to Google


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      Re: Hawthorn east - anywhere for good coffee?

      think ive had a couple of brews there before actually, not far at all from where ill be
      thanks for the heads up ill have to check it out when my next all day visit is


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        Re: Hawthorn east - anywhere for good coffee?

        You cant go wrong with Collective, although theyre closed from this afternoon through until January 5.
        The lads work 6.5 days a week so i think they deserve a bit of a rest.

        On the Hawthorn side of things, you can get a great coffee at Liar Liar in Kinkora St (although theyve gotten a bit slack with their once rotating bean options) and Porgie and Mr.Jones on Auburn Road is also a good option.
        Neither of those are probably within walking distance, but are worth trying nonetheless.

        And lastly, if youre willing to go a little further give Maling Room a shot (on the corner of Canterbury and Maling Roads).
        Its a beautiful space and theyve got a daily rotation of three or four rather exciting single origins each day (yesterday i had a Nicaraguan COE that was divine).
        They too are closed for a few weeks over Christmas, however.