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    Have a Look at the Bugatti Coffee Maker in his Gallery..

    A Platonic Dialogue on the Theme of the Kyoto Protocol

    Protarchus : Why are you microwaving your coffee ?

    Socrates : Not through choice. It went cold while I was answering the phone. I left my coffee outside in the garden and when I got back it was stone cold.

    Protarchus : But I saw you trying to cool it before ! You were blowing on it in a most determined manner. It was obviously too hot to drink.

    Socrates : Indeed it was. I would expect little else having poured boiling water over the coffee powder.

    Protarchus : Coffee powder ? How vulgar. But I saw you before pouring in cold milk from the fridge. That should have cooled it a little. But something has been puzzling me. Why do you need to cool the milk in the first place ?

    Socrates : It is not that I needed to cool the milk. I must preserve the milk and stop it from going off. The house is very warm with the central heating on and the milk would only last a day without putting it in the fridge.

    Protarchus : So if the house is very warm, why are you having a hot beverage ?

    Socrates : Because my dear friend, I was working outside where it is most decidedly chill.

    Protarchus : So why dont you keep the milk outside ?

    Socrates : I believe the ancients did that with a device called a larder. Im all for convenience.

    Protarchus : I expect the milk was pasteurized at a high-ish temperature before you put it in the fridge.

    Socrates : Likewise the water was cold before I put it in the kettle. And your point is ?

    Protarchus : There seems to be a lot of heating up and cooling down for little purpose. Im not even going to start on the bean roasting and I do not imagine for a moment they were dried under the midday sun.

    Socrates : Are you suggesting I should drop a few green beans into a glass of water and swallow the lot in an environmentally friendly fashion ? That doesnt sound to me like one of lifes greatest pleasures. You are clearly deranged.

    Philebus : Ah, there you both are. Anybody fancy a brew ?

    Socrates : Yes please.

    Protarchus : Yes please. Socrates, pass your cup over here. If youve finished with it that is.

    Socrates : (Passes cup) Are you going to chastise me for wasting some coffee ?

    Protarchus : There is a little which yet remains, and I will remind you of it, for I am sure that you will not be the first to go away from an argument.