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length of pour - 45 second

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  • length of pour - 45 second

    Hiya all!

    Have often read posts here, but Ive got a question - Ive got a mokita combi, and have been playing around with basket quantities, grind fineness, temps etc, and have come up with the conclusion that I prefer a long time shor - 45 seconds or so with a full basket.

    This length of pour, drips slowly at the start then after 20 seconds starts to pour solidly and 30ms comes up in well over 30 seconds - mostly 40 to 50. I am using a mild roast from my local roaster (his most popular) and I milk it about 2/3s to 1/3rd espresso - ie dont fill the cup. This shot has a lot more taste, not burnt, not bitter (like Im led to believe it should be) - does anybody else find the longer full basket shot has a lot to offer - or am i just missing out been that an espresson is a rarity for me, even machs arent all that common in my household!

    PS - how often do people change their shower screens - I wonder how even the distribution is these days.

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    Re: length of pour - 45 second

    Hi there pharmaboy!

    I think that the timing of your shot will be a bit machine specific. A twenty five second shot from my little Sunbeam with a tiny portafilla is going to be vastly different to the same length of time from the commerical machine I work with.

    So, I think I have seen it said here somewhere before, go with what your tastebuds tell you!!

    I havent changed a shower screen either, just have given it a good clean and backflush as required.


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      Re: length of pour - 45 second

      Hi Guys, Im with Scoots on this one. Taste, taste, taste, and still more taste more importantly YOUR TASTE. The length of shot will depend on many things and i say MANY THINGS. You are right to experiment and see what works for YOU. I run a 15 to 20 sec shot but me old mate Anger Management would blow my head off...too long too long he would cry. You see he is out to caputure the so called GOD shot...all crema. Now me i like a bit of coffee with me crema.

      Also it will depends on the size of the brew. me, I have a very large mug that would in all probability take enough for 4 normal shots. I use a 2 shot filter though and have mod fited my Sunbean portafilter with a Krupps filter. Goes straight in no filing necessary! Works a dream and as it has a tapered base it is so much easier to dump the spent coffee grounds.

      As my machine does not have a pre flood period I turn the water on count to 5,000 in 1,000s turn it off count another 5,000 and then turn it on until the essence it up to a mark in the SS Mug I use to make the essence. I watch the rats tails until they go pale just in case the water is not going through the filter properly. Tamp, grind and pressure variables at play here. As they pale out I turn it off. If you let this run too long your coffee will be bitter as you will have over extracted. The best way to judge I have found is by checking on how much sugar or sweetner you add. Get this shot right and you dont need sugar. Well i do just a bit.

      So you see you may have just worked out the right time for your brew 45seconds sounds like a long time but then your description as to whats happening could mean that this is perfectly acceptable. From the sound of what you are doing your tamp may be to hard or your grind to fine. You should experiment with these until you get the shot just right. Takes proactice and you will throw out a bit of undrinkable coffee in the process. Dont expect to get a perfect brew everytime but be delighted when you get it just the way YOU like it. This is why when you are on the road to discovery it is a good thing to keep notes on what you are doing. It is easier to remember what you did wrong as distinct from what you are doing right. Wrong equals foul taste :-/right equals a big slow smile. ;D

      So Scoots is on the money if its right for you then its right no other opinions count.

      All we can do is suggest you keep experimenting until you get it the way you like it.
      Above all have fun