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  • Barista training Perth

    Now that I have tools worthy of a Barista I have come to the conclusion that I had better get some training in order to get the best out of them. Does anyone have any recommendations for coffee courses in Perth? I visited Epic Espresso in West Perth at lunchtime (as usual) and their espresso mastery course looks good, and its run on Saturday mornings which suits me.

    Any others worth considering?

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    Re: Barista training Perth

    From what i heard, Epic is good. You get to play with Synesso machines.

    Another one is Barista Academy, run by Five Senses Coffee.

    Gary at G.


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      Re: Barista training Perth

      If you are going local then give Epic a go.

      ...or grab a cheap JetStar return flight and try some of the east coast trainers.
      That way you can do a coffee tour, get some training, drink way too much coffee and will fly home buzzing.

      I can fuly recommend competition Barista and trainer David Seng from The Espresso School
      Great training with small class sizes means you get plenty of attention and your bad habits wont go unnoticed.


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        Re: Barista training Perth

        just PMed you


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          Re: Barista training Perth

          i did the espresso mastery and latte art courses at Epic a couple of years ago. was good.

          theyre not the only ones though. Theres the WA barista academy which I think is run by Five Senses - I used to have a Sunbeam and the "free training" you get with a cafe series machine is done there - in Northbridge. Pretty sure Yahava do training too.

          Playing with the Synessos at Epic was great though.