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Coffee Snob/Purist Cafe in Bright (Vic)

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  • Coffee Snob/Purist Cafe in Bright (Vic)

    HI there folks,

    I have just heard about a coffee snob / purist cafe on the main drag in Bright, VIC. Apparently they are serious about coffee in its many different forms and serve nothing else, not even bickies or a toasted sandwich. Not a sausage. My sources werent able to confirm whether or not the cafe is also a roaster. It does sound intriguing and worth a visit at some point

    Does anyone know about this place (if its still around)? A name? An experience? A memory?

    If so, please . . . . spill the beans!



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    Re: Coffee Snob/Purist Cafe in Bright (Vic)

    Well as much as I hate resurecting old threads, your description certainly sounds like the shop that my wife and I had in Bright between 1998 - 2002. It was called Ma Humbugs.

    You were quite correct, we didnt do food, just fine hand made chocolates. We sold 27 different varieties of coffee (including Walensford Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain), 15 teas and 8 hot chocolates. Even though we tried, we never managed to get any Kopi Luak. Never did get around to roasting, but had we not sold it it was definately on the cards. What ever we had on the shelf, you could get in a cup.

    No, the shop doesnt exist in that form anymore. Whilst we sold it as going cencern, the new owners changed the name and direction. More a normal cafe these days unfortunately.