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  • New to Australia...

    Hiya to all of the snobs -
    Ive just moved to Australia from Canada, and the little Fresh Roast was the wrong voltage to come along, and Im down to a cute, good but slightly tedious PeDe hand grinder. Im currently using Heat Gun/dog bowl (which suits me fine for now), but have a more general question...
    In Canada, when I had a weekend I was away or whatever, and didnt get to roast, or when I was flat out at work, it was pretty easy to pick up a drinkable coffee at the grocery store. Some of the ground stuff was even OKish! Ive tried a couple of brands (vittoria and lavazza) to date as "emergency office coffee" and theyve both been pretty terrible. Does anyone have a recomendation for non-terrible grocery coffee?

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    Re: New to Australia...

    Hi there Atomic7 and welcome to CoffeeSnobs,

    Personally, I dont think I could ever buy roasted from the supermarket any more.
    There was a big discussion on it here
    and I have heard that some people have found the Coles product in store and less than 1 month old, but I think youd need to be very lucky.

    Whereabouts do you live? Perhaps someone can point you to a better option in your area.

    Of course, the other option would be to order from here or other sponsors. Turn around time from CoffeeSnobs is pretty quick and you know when it was roasted!



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      Re: New to Australia...

      Welcome Atomic7,

      You should expect a ceast and desist letter from Bon Trading anytime now :

      All been covered off in so that we dont need to do it again.