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  • Under sink water filter

    Im confused by the choice of filter cartridges available. Some claim scale reduction on their dearer filters, but Im unsure of what this means. One supplier had "GAC Phos" in their scale reduction filter. Is that what I should be looking for in a filter? I know all filters work for coffee taste, but I want to protect my equipment as well.

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    Re: Under sink water filter


    Depends on what area you live in and therefore the water supply for that area.  If you live in an area where the water is "hard", you will need to

    a) "soften" it before it gets to your appliances ( by way of a water softener) OR

    b)   use a water filtration system that releases an "anti -scaling" substances into the water before it gets to the appliances.

    a) above effectively takes the scale producing substances (calcium etc) out of the water before it ghets to the equipment while b) instead stops the scale from coming out of solution & sticking to the inside of the equipment.

    Thats kind of dealing with the problem from two opposite ends of the spectrum.

    After that Im afraid you have to place yourself in the hands of the water business professional and trust his advice in recommending the correct scale inhibiting filter for your application.....sounds like youre on the right track.


    All the above is stated without knowing exactly what machine or equipment you are wanting to "protect". For example, if it is one of the commonly available aluminium thermoblock machines, even if you feed it with either softened water or water that has come through a filter that releases anti-scaling will still have the problem of the formation of aluminium corrosion in the thermoblock or boiler so you would still be wanting to run a cleaning / flushing cycle at arbitrary intervals....


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      Re: Under sink water filter

      On this topic, what about a whole-of-house filtration system. Is reverse osmosis OK if using the water in an espresso machine? Ive been told filtered water is a no-no as you wont get sufficient minerals etc needed to extract the coffee. What exactly should I be looking for if Im going to put in a whole-of-house system?


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        Re: Under sink water filter

        Good question wish I could answer it totally hehe!

        *Filtered* water is just fine. A filter is simply a barrier to particles over a certain other name = "partcile filter". It wont / cant take anything *out of solution* so no problems.

        Its the *other* characteristics in a *total water conditioning* system that does more than just "filter", that may affect the proper operation of a coffee machine. As an example, use of too "pure" an aqua such as for example distilled water, wont allow the completion of electrical circuits through the water (no impurities to conduct across) and therefore doesnt allow automatic fill units on commercial & semi commercial esp machines boilers to function.

        As for reverse osmosis etc......perhaps Pinot or someone else can offer a proper response cause I dont know nuttin about that except that I have heard it can cause corrosion in thermoblocks/boilers made from some materials.

        For your information I personally do have a "whole of house" water filtration system and it goes something like this, and as far as I am aware it doesnt affect the proper operation of my coffee machines:

        Large fibrous pre-filter at tank;
        5 micron activated charcoal filter under sink in line with a
        1 micron "absolute" activated charcoal filter followed by an
        Ultra violet light passage through which the water passes on its way up to the drinking water fountain.

        The filters are just...particle filters therefore no drama for appliances, and they filter down to a very small size which is supposed to stop some parasites getting through from the water tank (eg chryptosporidium & giardia) and of course, being activated charcoal they remove odours ( in town water they would be removing the smell of for example, chlorine & flouride used to treat the water by your freindly public utility / water board.

        The ultra violet light is supposed then, to kill some water borne bacteria & viruses......

        So the object is to be able to drink water safely.....and not really to provide "suitable" water for a coffee machine although...I would say it is very very suitable for use in a coffee machine (eg no smell from chlorine/flouride etc ) and we are not removing any elements that might either promote corrosion OR stop conductiivity as already stated above.

        So, for anything more technical than this, suggest you contact Pinot via PM or ask your local water quality business.

        Hope this helped and


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          Re: Under sink water filter

          Hi Guys,

          Couldnt help but throw in my 2c worth here.
          Long story cut short here illustrates a point, and goes to the essence of the q in the first post.

          Ive recently had an issue with filtered water.

          Ive been using a 2 stage under-sink filter system for quite a few years now, a lot longer than Ive had a coffee machine.
          I upgraded my coffee machine from a lo-spec job a couple of months ago, and all was fine for a while.
          I then got around to changing my filter cartridges which were overdue for replacement.
          All was still well for a few days. That was untill the filters settled in and the water in the tank on my coffee machine was tuned over with newly filtered clean water.

          My new machine then started to behave strangely. Stopping mid extraction or stopping while filling the boiler. Had me stumped and sulking. It didnt take 2mcm (who I bought me machine from) long to figure it out though. The water was too pure.

          Further discussion with the supplier of the filter confirmed that the resin/carbon cartridges that I use remove a very high percentage of what he called the TDSs (seems hes a WaterSnob ;D) or Total Dissolved Solids, which includes almost all of the electrically conductive impurities. Apparently this is something thats normally associated with Reverse Ozmosis treatment systems and was enough to trick the sensors in the machine, the ones that FC spoke of in his post.

          The solution was simple, and simply that, a solution - of 5:1, filtered water vs tap water.

          Im no water expert but Im happy to know that my water filter is working well enough to fool an electronic sensor. It may be that filter cartridge technology is improving.

          To address the scale issue. Correct me if Im wrong, but arent scale deposits dissolved solids that have come out of solution in your boiler? If so, I expect that the cartridges Im using would go a long way toward preventing scale build-up.

          Id strongly suggest consulting a WaterSnob to clarify things for you, I remember seeing a site sponsor not so long ago that supplied water filters, cant see them listed now though.

          Sorry about the essay, but I hope it helps.