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Auction item received :)

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  • Auction item received :)

    I received my Sprong today and I just have to say its gorgeous, I love how it feels, Im just doing the research to find out exactly how it works, although its pretty much self explanatory LOL

    I am just about to look for a little dish and then Ill give it a whirl

    I am so appreciative to the gentleman that allowed this to happen and wish him all the happiness in the world and hope that the proceeds get used wisely and helps out everyone that needs it.

    Has anyone else received their items yet?

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    Re: Auction item received

    I received the 3 cup syphon that I had the winning bid on. Big thank you to Jack at Sorrentina Coffee for putting it up for auction.

    As you said shapeshifter, I hope that our bit helps everyone thats been effected by the flooding. It was great to see all the CSers joining in and bidding high.

    I donated to the RSPCA too, their brisbane surgery was damaged during the flood and they have an appeal to raise $40,000 to purchase replacement equipment. Insurance didnt cover any of it.


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      Re: Auction item received

      I received my Isomac Zaffiro from the wonderful Ofra and Renzo from Di Bartoli last Tuesday.

      Much thanks to the wonderful generosity of our sponsors.

      As a Qld-er and as someone who lives on a street almost completely inundated by flood waters (mine was one of the few houses spared), I offer up my own personal and heartfelt thanks.


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        Re: Auction item received

        I received a Grindripper from David at The Espresso School. Thanks for your generosity. Have already given it a whirl and am looking forward to trying to perfect yet another coffee making device! Sincere thanks once again.


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          Re: Auction item received

          Received 2 stunning Zassenhaus Hand Grinders via Jack at Sorrentina (thanks for packing them so well) and to very kind, anonymous CSr that donated a his grinder collection to the auction, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Your selfless generosity is truely inspiring.

          They now take pride of place at the Snobbery and if beabeabeaner is really nice Ill let him gently touch one of them the next time hes in.
          (beabeabeaner cursed me for winning the auction while he was overseas)


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            Re: Auction item received

            Ive received my Otto from Craig - it truly is a work of art!

            So far Ive yet to make a bad coffee with it, and am having fun trying the different baskets.

            What is also so impressive is the complete package, with jug, tamper, and glasses all included in a top case.

            Thanks Craig



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              Re: Auction item received - Roasting Course with Dennis from cuppacoffee

              Went off to meet Dennis at cuppacoffee for my one-on-one roasting course on Saturday. I can say hands down, that it was one of the best afternoons I have ever had. Dennis was a fantastic host and a marvellous teacher which made the experience something I wont soon forget.
              Having limited roasting experience as I do, I found Dennis to be patient and thorough, ensuring my complete understanding. I managed to fill in many gaps in my knowledge, as well as picking up some great hints and tips along the way.
              Oh by the way, the 10kg Has Garanti is the coolest toy Ive ever been lucky enough to get my hands on. I think Ill have to mortgage the house and buy one for the garage....
              Thanks again Dennis! The information you passed on to me is priceless and it was a real pleasure to spend time with someone so passionate about his craft. Cant wait to crack open the huehuetenango and have a try!



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                Re: Auction item received

                Check out my tamper!

                Arrived today and it is glorious. If truth be known, I didnt think a tamper could make much of a difference to the pour, but I soon found out that it could. So much smoother and with a richer deeper crema - how good is that

                Thanks to Pullman Tampers.