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Supremo or Excelso?

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  • Supremo or Excelso?

    hey guys,

    could someone explain to me the difference between the two? is it flavour profile? grading? ect ect.....

    I use a lot of excelso but am wondering what difference supremo would bring to my blend.

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    Re: Supremo or Excelso?

    Assuming you are talking about Columbian beans here? It is a size grading thing


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      Re: Supremo or Excelso?

      Yes, and a very good question

      The columbians use words to describe a particular visual "grading" (or size) rather than numbers and letters.

      Supremo is the term for the larger graded bean size while Excelso is the next size down. In coffee bean terms bigger is generally better ie more visually appealing, than smaller grading.

      Whether you think the bigger beans translate into anything better (or different) once the coffee is in the cup, is an entirely different story and is really up to the individual.

      All that said, some of you might be hard pressed to see a really noticeable difference between any particular supremo and any particular excelso placed side by you are basically talking from one screen size to the next, say a 17/18 to a 19.

      That is to say nothing of the different areas and farms that any of these coffees could come from.....

      If you thought there was a difference in the cup from a supremo to an excelso, I would be more inclined to put it down to something other than just the screen size of the beans.