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Roasted bean colour?

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  • Roasted bean colour?

    I know nothing about roasting as is about to become obvious... I assume that the use of terms like dark roast implies that the roasting process impacts on the colour of the roasted bean. But do characteristics of the green bean impact on the roasted colour?

    Will lighter coloured roasted beans tend to have similar flavour profiles (assuming they are roasted by people who know what theyre doing)?

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    Re: Roasted bean colour?

    Im only a newbie so all of the following could be very wrong LOL

    Generally the longer the roast the darker the colour of the bean, the darker the roast also tends to leech the lighter flavours out of the beans, so in a way you are also getting a darker flavour such as cocoa instead of citrus, just an example of course I couldnt tell you if there is a bean that is has citrus flavours when lightly roasted and cocoa flavour when roasted darker

    Flavour profiles do tend to stay within the range of roasts but they could be less or more depending on the roast.

    Example just for me and my roasts have been terrible lately but the Kenya Peaberry, the first time I roasted it, it smelt of sultanas, grinding it, it smelt of sultanas but when put through the presso it came out with a citrus taste. Ive roasted it again but the roast was a bad one, grinding it I still get sultanas and I still get the sweetness when through the presso but it really is missing the strong citrus it had before.

    The above is because of a different heat/air flow profile and it turned out a light/dark 5-8 CS level mixed result in the beans whereas the first time I roasted the beans were a consistent 8/9 CS level.

    Is this what you meant?


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      Re: Roasted bean colour?

      Originally posted by 6275746279737822202020100 link=1300333310/0#0 date=1300333310
      But do characteristics of the green bean impact on the roasted colour?
      Yes, but probably not in the way your are thinking. Broad "colour" definitions such as "dark roast" is usually implying its simply been taken beyond second crack. On CoffeeSnobs, people use the CS1-12 scale to determine their roast level by colour.

      The only real characteristics of the green beans that can affect the end colouring is some beans can produce some mottling on the beans at the end, or patchiness through the roast.

      I found this page very helpful when first learning:


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        Re: Roasted bean colour?

        Hmmm... I ask because I find I prefer lighter coloured beans but Im not sure whether that is just a aesthetic preference. I mostly use beans from the Little Marrionette (the Diegos Stretch blend), Campos Organic and the Hildegard and Paracelsus from Coffee Alchemy. They are all light in colour but described as chocolate/caramel/buttery.