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Di Bella Roasting Warehouse, Sydney - Fantastic!

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  • Di Bella Roasting Warehouse, Sydney - Fantastic!

    I made a trip to Di Bella Roasting Warehouse (50 Holt St, Surry Hills) this morning intending it to be a quick stop for a coffee and some beans - I ended up staying for an hour!

    It is a great place to visit - nice open concept cafe and shop combined.  the coolest thing is that there is a massive roaster to the side- and theyve built a little "bar" around it so you can have your coffee while watching it roast in front of you!

    One of the staff members took time out to just have a chat to me about roasting, the background of the company and bean profiles.  I mentioned i wasnt sure which beans I wanted to buy - I ended up walking away with free samples of many different blends so i could try for myself (complete with roast dates written on). the customer service was nothing short of excellent!

    I even got to try a bit of coffee from a huge cold drip thing which ive never seen before!  1 drop every 3 seconds -  now thats a slow extraction haha.  It was surprisingly nice!

    there was also heaps of machines and grinders (out of my budget ) and various bits of coffee equipment to browse through.

    All in all it was a fantastic experience and Ill definitely be back.  If youre after fresh coffee and great advice and service then id urge you to check it out.  

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    Re: Di Bella Roasting Warehouse, Sydney - Fantastic!

    I have to agree with their service, the guy that helped me out in chosing a blend was great, spent some time telling me about them all and I also got a couple of freebies to try


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      Re: Di Bella Roasting Warehouse, Sydney - Fantastic!

      great feedback coffeesnobers.... our sydney roasting warehouse is going fantastic and will be another Melbourne in no time....

      we do pride ourselves on customer service... educators and not dictators on coffee..... thanks for the feedback....