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Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

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  • Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

    Hi All

    Im off to Can-Bra for a six days on Sunday for work (Im damn cold just thinking about it! ) and Ill be stuck in a Motel Room for the six days.

    What are your thoughts as to whether its feasible and within weight (particularly if I pack the tamper in my stowed luggage) to take my Nepolitana along for the journey? Has anyone else done it?

    Im just mainly wondering whether (a) it will fall within the weight restrictions for carry-on - I think its about 10kg or so and carry on should be 7kg or under, but I could probably sneak it through...maybe; (b) whether my puny little arms will be able to lift it into the overhead lockers (not too worried about this - Im being a bit faceatious because my upper body strength is quite good...I can push out 25 man push-ups without even trying particularly); and (c) whether a motel will have a problem with my running it on the bench in a motel room?

    If I take it, I will be putting it into one of Petes soft padded panier bags that are built to go on the
    back rack of his motorbike, so it should survive the journey. I wouldnt trust it in the hold with the luggage monkeys tossing it around, though...

    Thoughts? Am I being a bit redonkulous even contemplating it?


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    Re: Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

    Lelit boiler is 300mL and will be primed no doubt, so *technically* it wouldnt be allowed purely on fluid levels ( source: ). If you empty it, they could argue its a partially filled liquid container.

    The reality is if you check your luggage, and then try and take it through screening and they decline it, what then?

    Hotel wouldnt care at all.

    In reality, I think theyd let it through though.


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      Re: Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

      Lol, you know youre a CoffeeSnob when you try packing a 10kg machine for 6 days away...

      I have heard stories about the situation of Berras coffee, but its only 6 days - maybe just cop it? (Feel free to send me abusive messages from Canberra when theres bugger all good coffee to be had)

      Not sure its worth the hassle and risk I guess is my point - if its over X kg, then they might make you check it in... etc.


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        Re: Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

        Ah, good point, Richard - I hadnt even thought about the water content!

        Yeah, I know, Tashie, I should just suck it up but I just spent last Friday to Tuesday in Perth (Wanneroo) for my Grandmothers funeral and had five days of good coffee drought, so I was just trying to avoid doing it again so soon...

        Hmmm....I wonder if Atillio from Cosmorex does rental machines? ;D

        Oh well, better go to bed - Im coming down with a cold courtesy of my WA cousins, so time to go feel miserable!

        Night all...


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          Re: Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

          Morning Di

          I reckon a better bet would be to invest in an Aeropress and grinder and bring your own beans... they wont take up much space in your luggage and youll be very pleasantly suprised with the results.  A coava disk is worth the extra $15 too.

          I take mine down the coast and even with just microwaved milk the results are impressive.  Last time it was a bag of Guatemalan Huehuetenango and the coffee was incredibly sweet and flavoursome... 

          For bang for buck (and weight!), the Aeropress is hard to go past. 



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            Re: Lelit/Quaha as Carry On Luggage

            Morning Sniff!

            I actually bought one of these a while ago from a Sponsor and ended up giving it away to a fellow Snobber because he was after one and it was just gathering dust in my cupboard.

            Probably in this situation, an Otto would be the ideal solution (actually, thinking about it a bit more, it probably wouldnt because I dont think theyll have a stove in the kitchen!)

            Ah, Ill probably exist, I guess - theres a Cafe at the bottom of the Motel, apparently, and theres one at the building Ill be in for the training course, it will just be an expensive trip. Im going to try and get to Cosmorex at least once to say hello to Atillio if I can also, so hopefully Ill get at least one decent coffee while Im there.

            Its a shame the course wasnt being held in Sydney or Melbourne - Id be banging on Dennis, Chris or Matts door (anyone say sneak peak at the new Breville? )