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  • Tips for a top coffee

    OK, when you see this is another press article Im sure eyes will start rolling. But I posted anyway as this one is a bit different. Yes, there is reason for some mirth but read anyway.

    How do you make a good cup of coffee from a home espresso machine?
    Sarah McInerney consults an expert.

    Coffee is an essential part of the morning ritual for many, offering a much needed kick-start to the brain as the working day begins. Or a welcome break from the desk as the afternoon slump sets in.

    With prices ranging from $2.50 to $3.50 a cup, its a relatively inexpensive indulgence on its own. But if youre like me and drink two cups a day, it starts to add up.

    With prices tipped to rise due to the escalating cost of beans, it might be a good time to get some more use out of the old home espresso machine or whatever domestic coffee-making equipment you have at your disposal.

    A Gaggia espresso machine has been in use in my kitchen for about two years now. I love having the freedom to make a decent coffee whenever I feel like it, but the promise rarely lives up to the reality. And Im not blaming the beans or the machine!

    With that in mind, I spent a couple of hours with Australian barista champion Scottie Callaghan in the Belaroma barista training room in Sydney.

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    Re: Tips for a top coffee

    Im sure some stuff was lost in translation


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      Re: Tips for a top coffee

      Originally posted by 4640575C4641595B320 link=1306210727/1#1 date=1306212703
      Im sure some stuff was lost in translation
      Yeah, especially that "Rule of 2s". :-?


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        Re: Tips for a top coffee

        what in tarnation!!!!!!!!!!! When are these people going to stop these lovely non news stories?

        The best tips you could give anyone at the moment on coffee drinking would be to keep drinking it! The effect of price rises due solely to the increase in price of raw coffee beans in the world market, are not significant when considered at the "consumer in cafe" end.

        EG. lets say price per kilo to cafe goes up $5.00 per kilo. At 100 cups per kilo, that means the price of a cuppa goes up 5 cents. So a cafe charging say $3.50 per cup, should increase their price to $3.55.

        The rest is a media beat up and a convenient time for cafes to jump on the bandwagon for example, and blame their 10 or 20 or 30 or whatever cent per cup increase on their coffee supplier when it just aint so!

        Keep drinking and enjoying it!

        very first CS site sponsor.


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          Re: Tips for a top coffee

          I especially liked the helpful picture of a bad dose.