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Experiences (not reviews) of coffee on the road

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  • Experiences (not reviews) of coffee on the road

    The coffee I like
    It has an overall lively full-bodied flavour with an excellent crema. It has the luxurious “mouth feel” of milk with good microfoam. The temperature of the coffee is hot enough so you can linger for maybe 3 minutes or so and the coffee stays pleasantly warm. The coffee should be approachable instantly.
    See my post elsewhere on “Tell the Barista what you want”. Bearing in mind my experience with flat white only and my concern with communication some observations from travel recently might be interesting.
    Griffith NSW.
    There are several coffee places. I guess it’s the Italian presence in the coffee shops as customers and Baristas.  Chances are you will get a good cup of coffee at a number of places.
    I  had good coffee experiences at La Tavola, Il Corso and Dolce Dolce Pasticceria. All are in the main drag, Banna Avenue.   I also liked the attitude of the staff..
    Mildura Victoria
    I have experience of one place only, Stefano’s Cafe Bakery, on a few occasions. The coffee was good.
    Renmark South Australia
    I tried the most likely place in the town centre shops and the coffee was fair. I can’t recall the name of the establishment
    Tanunda Barossa South Australia
    Tried one place in the main drag and was disappointed.
    Rowland Flat Barossa South Australia
    The Jacobs Creek Info Centre Bistro served very good coffee with a pleasant light lunch. Service was good on a busy Saturday.
    Gawler South Australia
    Wandered up and down the main street and settled on the most likely with some doubts. Doubts were realised. The coffee was very poor...button pusher incompetent. I think one will do well to discover good coffee in Gawler.
    Adelaide South Australia
    The Coffee Spot in the Adelaide Arcade was tried twice with good results. 
    Port Willunga Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia
    We had lunch in the famous Star of Greece Restaurant. The meal was great, the view outstanding and the coffee was very good. The coffee expectation should be high when the restaurant describes one of the staff as Lorna: Rock Chick Barista. (See their web site.)
    McLaren Vale South Australia
    Blessed Cheese 150 Main Road was flat out on a Saturday morning.  The coffee was good.
    Victor Harbour Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia
    I was there on a cold, wet Sunday morning. The most likely placed was closed. The place visited did a poor job. I suspect there is   good coffee to be had in the town.
    Robe Limestone Coast South Australia
    The Wild Mulberry at the corner of Robe and Victoria streets served a very good coffee.
    Visited Mahalia Coffee at 2 Flint Street (off Robe) and expect good coffee will be served at this roasting house and retail outlet.  I was fresh from a double shot at Wild Mulberry so opted to purchase some No2 blend for use at home, later.  I liked the blend.
    Mt Gambier South Australia
    I went to two places that use and distribute Mahalia Coffee.
    Yoey’s was first and I was disappointed with the coffee. I left much of it in the cup. Strong” flat white was found insipid and below normal temperature. The roast was No1 Organic. On the other hand Yoey’s has an eye-opening range of deli items.
    Shortly after the Yoey’s experience tried I Sage and Muntries. The ambience was good and hopes were high. Unfortunately the coffee was too hot and the milk had no microfoam. The roast was No2 Blend.
    If I was in Mt Gambier again I think I  would give them both another shot. I would be sure to engage the Baristas in conversation at ordering, however.
    Cape Nelson Victoria (near Portland)
    Cafe Isabella at the lighthouse was a big surprise. The food was excellent and so was the coffee.
    The owner and partner cook excellent stuff such as Cornish pasties. The owner is the Barista with much experience. 
    Port Fairy Geat Ocean Road Victoria
    Bella Claire Deli served excellent coffee to complement a very good light lunch.
    Warnambool Victoria
    I happened to park directly outside Pasta La Vista in Liebig Street. The coffee was good. This is a big regional city. There is bound to be some very good coffee to be found.
    Apollo Bay Great Ocean Road Victoria
    I enjoyed a good coffee alfresco enjoying the view across the road to the beach. I didn’t record the name of the shop. There are a number on the strip. I expect good coffee would be the norm there.
    Lorne Great Ocean Road Victoria
    I enjoyed a good coffee (Seven Seas brand) at one of the beachfront shops on the main drag (Mountjoy Parade). I was so relaxed I didn’t note the name of the place. It was good. I went a few times. I guess there are a number  good coffee places in this town.
    Euroa Victoria
    This is a small town on the highway by-pass. It was Sunday on my visit. There was a cafe open on the main drag. The young woman pushing buttons didn’t know much about making coffee. Good coffee would be hard to find here I think.
    Orange New South Wales
    Last coffee before getting home was at Cafe Latte in Summer Street. As I have found before, the coffee was very good.
    There is a small store and coffee shop next to one hat restaurant Lolli Redini. My experiences there have been good in the past.
    There is no doubt a strong correlation between the size of the town or City and the presence of capable Baristas. The biggest exception in my experience was Broken Hill. It is not small  but crying out for trained Baristas.

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    Re: Experiences (not reviews) of coffee on the road

    Geez mate....

    You missed out on a real goodn while traversing NSW - In a little place called Wee Waa.... 8-)



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      Re: Experiences (not reviews) of coffee on the road

      At least you found one of the better coffees in Port Fairy there are some shockers here. Warrnambool has a few good ones I have written up in the good coffee where section.