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  • Phone App Idea

    I have an idea of making an app for my phone that I can use to assist with coffee making. Id like suggestions as to what features you could possibly want, so far I have:
    quick refference guide for recipes and info about temperature, timing etc
    timers for extraction.

    The idea just sort of came to me so Ill have to have a think of more features, at this stage it doesnt add more value than the stopwatch so fire away concepts.

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    Re: Phone App Idea

    Really difficult concept you have thought about here. You can do it really simply by having the basics on it, which has already been done. But if you want to in depth the complexities of it make it difficult to be user friendly. Also each machine will be slightly different so something like dosing will be hard to show people.

    After saying it is too hard I hope you still want to do it and you can work something that the average person wants to play with.

    I would like to see 30 mls in 30sec, fresh coffee, freshly ground, and just cause the lights on the machine say that it is hot dont make it so!

    Good luck



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      Re: Phone App Idea

      yeah Im thinking of customisable workflows, so say for a silvia it times temp surfing for you, then extraction etc. based on user defined settings, like you could put in "double shot" and itll throw a timer up based on your grinders timing so you grind to time. and an extraction timer. the user would have to dial in the timing as a once off i suppose, or people could contribute their machines settings and I could put a preset database in.


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        Re: Phone App Idea

        There is an app called "Barista" have a look at that maybe it could help steer you one way or the other.