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  • What Filters??

    At the start of my coffee journey I tested my rainwater tank water for hardness and recorded figures were 20 ppm for calcium and 25ppm total hardness.Have been using my newly purchased Alex Duetto from the onboard tank for a week but now want to plumb it in.
    The home pressure pump (Davey Dynajet) provides 400kPa (at the pump) and pumps 30 metres to the house to a head of 4 metres.
    The water is crystal clear, and drunk straight from the tap for 25 years.
    What would you fellow snobs recommend to be placed inline to the water line for the Alex.
    Particulate filter?
    Pressure reduction valve? The machine wants 350 kPa at the machine and I doubt that after the water has traveled its tortured path from the water tank that it would be near the 400 that the pressure pump provides.
    Opinions valued.

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    Re: What Filters??

    Given that the water is low in hardness, and low in particulates, and close to the required pressure, Id just plumb it.
    If you wanted to be really safe then a good carbon filter would polish the water--but it sounds like it might be overkill.
    Bernard of Bombora would be able to give you an expert opinion, and he has always been most helpful to me.



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      Re: What Filters??

      Originally posted by 47726567576F726D616C64000 link=1309650507/1#1 date=1309652646
      Bernard of Bombora would be able to give you an expert opinion, and he has always been most helpful to me.
      The mans customer service is outstanding!

      I emailed him yesterday asking for a recommendation for a low volume commercial set up. Was expecting an answer some time next one back within an hour on a Saturday. He asked for some more information and by Sunday morning had the system picked out at a discounted price and at less than half what I told him the budget was.

      The guy would make bugger all out of the sale but still went above and beyond what I would consider good customer service.


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        Re: What Filters??

        Sounds like the person to talk to.
        Thanks Caffeine Junky