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Campos Wholesale Blend change?

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  • Campos Wholesale Blend change?

    Hi all,

    Last few days Ive gotten really really "exotic" coffees from Campos@Logica building in North Sydney and enquired as to whether there was a blend change since I drink it most days and it certainly never tasted like this.

    Its very perfumy - almost like a panana geisha but in a milk based drink (flat whites, mochas)..
    Almost like someone poured in a Marlborough Sav Blanc into my coffee for any wine snobs around so its ridiculously so.

    Anyways, they said there was no change at all so if theyre telling the truth, then Campos is doing something wrong from their end (or switched it by accident).

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed the same anywhere else with Campos?
    Or if anyone has this happen to them before with a Campos reseller?

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    Re: Campos Wholesale Blend change?

    Ive been drinking quite a lot of Campos (albeit mainly from their own store in Carlton) and havent noticed a change in their house blend.

    I had a couple there yesterday, actually, and they tasted just as they always had.