So ive been browsing the site everywhere in search for some info but havnt been able to find anything! BUT

Im moving back to Canada... to freeze my rear end off, and make some bloody good coffee.  But everything i learned, i learned here in Australia, and i love it!

Anyways my questions are along the lines of this...

Going to Toronto Ontario, does anyone know anyone doing anything great with Coffee? Or good Roasters in Canada? Great Barristas?

By biggest question is this... has anyone out there ever built a really cool but cheap coffee cart? Im looking to design something thats not reliant on tapping into water (obviously have water on the cart), and just all around really practicle.  What kind of Machine would you use for something like that? Id be looking to aim to punch out about 5-10 killos a day.

Anyone willing to help, well, Id love it! Cheers guys!