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Logos on cups and stuff.

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  • Logos on cups and stuff.

    Well I thought I would again try my luck here amongst the many wise.

    Anyhow,a friend has come to me about getting some cups and stuff printed.
    But I have no idea where to start?

    He basically wants to get his logo on things and not go with promoting others.

    So I come to you!


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    Re: Logos on cups and stuff.

    Depending how many he wants, ACF will do them, so Im assuming all the sponsors that sell ACF can get that done. If not, it will be an easy google search to go direct to the source.


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      Re: Logos on cups and stuff.

      Thanks for the info Richard,Ill pass it on.
      Yep they look good.


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        Re: Logos on cups and stuff.

        Small runs can be done here and you can start by approaching the importer / supplier of the cups of your choice. ie once you have found the cups you like and want to use, ask the supplier about logos. The supplier will know who to contact "locally". can take your own plain cups to an advertising / promotional products shop and they will arrange.

        You need to supply artwork, or they will design something for you, it will be made into a decal, the decal will be placed onto the cups, and the cups will be fired in an oven and supplied back to you.

        This is ONLY a rough budget for small run stuff, but expect say $1.00 per item. I(f you budget that you cant go wrong, and if it comes in cheaper then thats great.

        There is also another way where ink is sprayed onto the cups (imagine a bubble jet printing method). I am told it is very durable, but I guess by far the most durable way is the decal where......the cup usually is broken or stolen before the artwork fails.

        Hope that helps,
        very first CS site sponsor.      


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          Re: Logos on cups and stuff.

          Thanks Atillio, youre a gentleman!


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            Re: Logos on cups and stuff.

            Appreciate the kind words,