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    I recently got some PNG Blue Mountain (I was after Tanna coffee as Id had it when on vacation in Vanuatu and they had this too so I thought Id give it a try) and quite like it but the beans seem pretty old. I havent liked PNG coffee much in the past and was wondering where I can get something like the blue mountain but recently roasted.
    Im a very recent coffee snob and since I got a La Pavoni lever machine Ive discovered more interesting coffees than a "house blend".

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    Re: PNG Blue Mountain

    Gday Richard...

    Just so as you know, pretty well all of the higher grown Arabica in PNG is based on the original Blue Mountain stock and that covers most plantations/farms/villages in the Wahgi Valley and the Eastern Highlands regions, near Goroka.

    Even though most of the really good crops are grown at higher altitudes than the Jamaican Blue Mountain varieties, the PNG beans need to be roasted to almost the same profile as that used for softer Island beans. Typically, once passed 1st-Crack and if youre not controlling the profile carefully, the beans can race into 2nd-Crack before you know it and even before then, start to go very dark even before reaching 2nd-Crack.

    Ive found that the ideal end-point for my palate, is just before 2nd-crack starts to crackle and then cool the beans really quickly to avoid them heading into 2nd during the transfer from roaster to cooler.

    Over the years, Ive never had a bad PNG bean or even an average one from CoffeeSnobs and have roasted them all as described above. Produces a very fruity, moderately acid, moderate body brew that is great as an espresso with lots of chocolate in the finish.

    Got to be gentle with these little gems...



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      Re: PNG Blue Mountain

      Thanks for that. Might have been caught by their marketing. But Im trying lots of different beans so its not a problem. Got a popper today and Ill try some roasting soon and see how the coffee snobs PNG beans go.


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        Re: PNG Blue Mountain

        Originally posted by 475C565D5447516A586A5D350 link=1311991177/0#0 date=1311991177
        (I was after Tanna coffee as Id had it when on vacation in Vanuatu
        For what its worth I think Tanna coffee  has potential, If only it was roasted to its full potential or you could get green.

        I love Tanna, but the Tanna coffee co has some issues IMOP under current ownership


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          I see this post is very old now, however I have been using the Tanna coffee bean from Vanuatu for the past 5 months. Great bean as a light roast; hazelnut fragrance and taste. The darker it goes the better it works as a base for blends.
          Leave it 2 weeks+ as a dark roast and it comes into it's own.


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            can I ask where you get the green beans? I've heard they only sell them roasted.