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  • Dirty Grinder - HELP

    Hey guys I recently retrieved my grinder from a friend and he has left beans in it for months. Consequently it is not giving me a good grind any more and it tastes crap.

    How can I clean it out and get it working well again? This is my grinder:
    Non-sponsor commercial link removed [EDIT]well thats helpful whoever did that. Ok its a cuisinart grinder. The reason I posted the link was so people could see what it was. >[/EDIT]

    It aint much but its all I have.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

    I understand this to mean, that the beans left in the grinder are not resulting in a "good grind" and the resulting coffee "tastes like......".

    All you need do is up-end the grinder gently and allow all the beans to fall out, then place it back down gently.

    Get the vacuum cleaner out and suck through from insode the hopper, and then suck through from the grinds outlet.

    Or....just use the vacuum cleaner to suck all the beans out without upending the grinder......

    Run the grinder and make sure there are no more beans or grinds in there.

    If the hopper is greasy, remove and wash in warm soapy water. This will also give you better access for the vacuum cleaner. Do not refit the hopper unless it is well and truly dry.

    Refill with new beans and away you go. Reset the adjustment as necessary.

    ie, no need to unnecessarily pull things apart and run the risk of not getting them back together properly.



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      Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

      Yeah that is basically what I have done, however there still seems to be oily residue on the parts I cant remove. I have vacuumed and washed ect. Is there a pruduct I can grind through or something?


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        Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

        I believe there is something called grindz that does the job. Do a google search.


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          Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

          What you need is to get really close to surfaces that gets contacted with coffee (beans and grounds) oils. That means you need to open up the area of grinding discs. you need to clean them physically with paper towel or something. you need to wipe off the old and stale coffee oils you cant just brush them off. Grindz will not help you here.
          the channel from where ground coffee gets out may be really dirty as well, be sure it is totally CLEAN! with coffee oils is the thing that they become stale really fast, they become sticky and all kind of powder likes to get stuck there. so this is a matter of physical cleaning.
          I clean all my grinders like that while after while (pro. grinders).

          find the way how to open the grinder. if necessary remove the burrs from the grinder and clean all the space underneath the burs and grinding chamber. If you´ll do that and bad taste remains then the problem may be in dull burs, wrong size of grounds or bad coffee preparation technique.

          all the best



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            Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

            Grindz cleaned the burrs very well for me, but it left a lot of white powder in the coffee path that was a bugger to get out. I think I need some kind of bendy pipe-cleaner like brush to clean inside my grinder.


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              Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

              the powder is not a problem. it is compressed, ground dry stuff as rice etc. you can actually eat the grindz
              To get them out we usually just grind some amount of coffee and that gets the white powder out from your grinder. couple of small specks of it will not ruin your beverage.
              yes, Grindz clean but not 100%. nothing compares to physical cleaning and if one wants to be really sure of cleanliness of grinder I recommend to open it up and clean physically.

              I personally, prefere to clean my grinders physically and and keep the money of the grinds.

              Its just my suggestion



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                Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

                GrindZ is a great product, but I see it more useful in a commercial setting where staff will not generally have the time to do a full strip-down clean on a frequent basis.
                For us home users, time is a luxury that most of us can afford, so you just cant go past the manual cleaning if you want a spotless grinder

                I find that a really stiff bristled brush works best to loosen the compacted coffee, then grab a vacuum to clear these particles.


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                  Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

                  The residual grinds that live in the grinder, that did not come out with the vacuum cleaner etc, are unlikely to affect the quality of your coffee. They are stuck in place and apparently are not coming out with the new grinds to end up in your puk. Additionally, it is impossible for new grinds coming through to pick up some kind of (significant) evil character simply by brushing past in the space of a micro second.

                  It is very possible there is something else that is causing your concern, including that you may have "grown out" of that grinder. During the period when you lent the grinder to your friend, you have grown accustomed to making or having coffee made with other equipment. Perhaps you have simply grown accustomed to a better quality of coffee than the cuisinart grinder is capable of contributing to....and your palate may have improved.

                  If you delve into your grinder to manually extract the recalcitrant residual grinds, I am afraid you may suffer any of three consequences:
                  a) you may break something
                  b) you may not be able to get it back together to work properly and
                  C) you may be disappointed with the result ie, while you were pinning your hopes on a significant improvement in the wet coffee as a result of a manual clean, it may have no significant effect that you can detect.

                  Look for some other reasons why your coffee may not be satisfying at the moment.

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                    Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

                    Yeah I need a new grinder. I am currently shopping for one. Thanks for all the help guys!


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                      Re: Dirty Grinder - HELP

                      I recently gave my Rocky a clean as it appeared to have a build-up of stale grounds and did not smell nice as a result. This was the first clean in three years as I had been relying on a good shaking after grinding in order to avoid dismantling anything (and risking damage as Attilo suggests).
                      I carefully removed the hopper (3 metal screws into plastic - scary) and found that there was about a third of a cup of stale grounds caked around the interior. These required removal with a firm brush with some help from a metal skewer. I dont intend to do this often as the grinder is only used on weekends - maybe in about two years time.