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Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

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  • Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???


    Am very new to CS and have loved spending hours & hours absorbed in all the information on this site - I love it. Our bank balance is going to get a big nudge from all my research as Im now wanting to buy a new machine & grinder - the ones I have just no longer cut it.

    My question is - does anyone now of anywhere in North Queensland (I live in Port Douglas - an hour north of Cairns) that has a good Barista Course. Based on the recommendations from many on this site Im not worried about a certificate at the end but rather where I will great knowledge from experience.

    Looks like I may have to pack my bags for a few days and head down to Melbourne to The Espresso School if I have no luck finding one in NQ.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

    Hi PD, TAFE Colleges usually have a Barista course that will provide the keen beginner with the opportunity to get some basics.  I did one myself and because I had done a bit of reading and generally prepared myself for it, I found it very valuable.  Mine was about 12 hours spread over several evenings. IMHO you need to do a bit of reading so that you have a grasp of the background issues so you can just enjoy working on the machine.  Im not suggesting this will make you a Barista but it should give you a good idea of what further training or experience you need to acquire.  Try the link below.


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      Re: Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

      Thanks Rocky - good to know you have done a similar Tafe course and found it a great start. I did find this course but wondered how good it would be based on the comments of other CS and these types of courses.

      Thanks again!


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        Re: Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

        If you really want to learn go to Origin Espresso in Grant st and ask the owners about the personal barista training they offer.


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          Re: Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

          I live in Townsville.
          As far as I know, the local coffee roaster - Coffee Dominion has some barista and other cupping, blending, roasting course.
          I have a friend took the barista one but its only 4 hours approximately.
          I went to a coffee shop at Ingham which advertise the certificate from Coffee Dominion.
          So I assume they also offer a proper bastista training not like the experiencing one my friend have.

          However, I used to drink the coffee dominion very often, I start to tell their coffee not consistently lately.
          Well~~ maybe its the faulty of my palate. But you can contact with them then tell us what happen.



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            Re: Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

            I live in Port Douglas at the moment too. Either:
            -do a course in Cairns
            -Ask for a day or 2 a week at Origin Espresso, I go there for a coffee every day and Glen Im sure would be happy to teach you a thing or two. (Although its the wrong time if year with the wet season just about arriving).


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              Re: Barista/Espresso courses in North Qld???

              Hi Port Girl...

              its glen the owner of origin here......i can do barista training...come and have a chat to me about it.
              The wet season is the perfect we have plenty of it!