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    Apologies if this has been posted many times in many places...

    After a long time drinking a lot of good (and some bad) espresso, ristretto, etc, its time to take the plunge and get my own machine.

    After a lot of reading (though this is my first post) and looking I think Ive settled on the new Breville BES900 and Smart Grinder. But enough about them... what Im still not sure about, is the other essentials. The tamper, knock box, filter baskets, etc.

    Is there anything I need to be aware of or look for? :-/

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    Re: Associated toys

    Knock Box will make life a bit easier.

    Having the right milk jug will help with latte art.

    Stock tamper is usually light/flimsy, so upgrading that would make the coffee making experience a bit more enjoyable. Get one that fits your basket.

    Non essentials:

    Filter baskets - even though Ive got an after market filter basket, im not convinced that theres a huge improvement. Perhaps its my technique, but I went for it purely because it was a toy and I wanted to experiment with different things.

    Roaster - something to look into; not essential but it is an associated toy. Again, great if you like having first hand experience with all things coffee.

    Cleaning tools:
    - A cheap paint brush for cleaning mess from the grinder
    - Shower screen brush to scrub the shower screen and the seal
    - detergent for backflushing


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      Re: Associated toys

      Thanks for that.

      Now to start the research all over again for these things!

      Any recommendations?


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        Re: Associated toys

        Depends where you are!

        I can only make recommendations for Sydney. There are a whole heap of sponsors on the left which is a good starting point.

        I find going to the store is much better though.