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filtered or unfiltered water??

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  • filtered or unfiltered water??

    Gday CSs

    question, I am awaiting the arrival of my new giotto evoluzione, from my understanding using unfiltered water eventually leads to corrossion internally in the machine. If i choose to use unfiltered water in the mean time whats the best maintance practice to avoid the internals from corroding?

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    Re: filtered or unfiltered water??

    I cant give you any advice on the maintenance of your Giotto, but you could buy properly filtered and guaranteed non-corrosive water instead. Im using Nobles Pureau for all my tea and coffee needs and at 70 cents per litre from the supermarket I wouldnt even think of operating and maintaining my own filtration plant.



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      Re: filtered or unfiltered water??

      probably not corrosion you should be worried about, more so the lime scale

      I dont have a giotto myself but I use one of the brita jugs and have only had to descale my machine once so far

      depends how hard your water is in the end


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        Re: filtered or unfiltered water??

        I had similar concerns, more about lime scale than corrosion. I bought a sink top water filter which installed in about one minute and I believe filters well enough to protect your lovely machine.

        The brand I bought is Doulton. Looks good as is made from polished stainless steel and the internal filter is ceramic. Cost around $170. Weve had it about three months and, so far, are very happy with it.


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          Re: filtered or unfiltered water??

          Hey Notis this is what I use with my evo.

          It is from Bombora and uses a combination filter/softener. Note! some dont have softening properties which is basically why you are filtering the water.

          I installed it in about 2min in the laundry and just run it into a Brita jug and fill.