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Manometer on coffee machine

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  • Manometer on coffee machine

    hi guys, I just picked up Lelit pl042em and total newb at making my own coffee.

    When making the coffee, the manometer barely moves at all, and is a long way off from the green zone on the meter.

    Can anyone suggest what i am doing wrong? im using a proper tamper.
    Is it just a case of not tampering the coffee tight enough?

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    Re: Manometer on coffee machine

    How much coffee are you putting in the basket?


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      Re: Manometer on coffee machine

      hi, a few spoon fulls, i was using a small spoon yesterday which is stupid i think, not very consistent and didnt really count how many i put in.

      but i put enough so when i use the tamper, i can push down to the second marking from the top on the tamper as was recommended by the guy at the shop where i bought the machine.



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        Re: Manometer on coffee machine

        The PL042EM is the one with the built in grinder.

        Have you seen this video

        Have you got some scales?

        Do you know which basket you are using?


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          Re: Manometer on coffee machine

          Hi, after i read my own post i realised how dumb my reply was ;D
          i had some cheap pre grounded coffee that im using as im really new to this and wanted to just the basics right so i havent actually used the grounder yet. Thats why i mentioned using spoons.

          I do have a digital scale which is a great idea, ill do that from now on to get the right consistency.

          Yeah, ive watched that video a few times, got the milk steaming part good, but at 0.52 seconds, it shows the gauge moving towards the blue zone, basically when i do it the gauge barely moves 1 bar  ;D
          sorry for all the newb questions lol.


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            Re: Manometer on coffee machine

            No stupid questions when you are learning so ask away no matter how stupid you think the question is, sometimes its more a matter of finding someone that can provide you with an answer you understand.

            Ok the first problem is the cheap pre-ground coffee. Do yourself a huge favour and buy some freshly roasted beans from beanbay or find a local roaster. You will then start to get some results.

            You have to start somewhere and you have picked a good machine to do that.

            Where are you and I could point out a roaster to drop down to to pick up beans, although ordering through beanbay can get you your beans the day after ordering sometimes, depending on whether you are lucky enough to get close to Andys roasting days

            Typically a double basket takes approximately 16 grams but people can get up to 18 grams in them, depending on the type of basket. I dont know many people who use a single basket


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              Re: Manometer on coffee machine

              Hi shapeshifter, after taking your advise i opened a new packet of beans that came with the machine, put it through the grounder and it worked beautifully, the pressure reading is now in the green and the coffee tasted so much better.
              The cheap pre grounded stuff was absolute crap, it tasted very watery  ;D
              Forgot to mention, ive been using the double basket.

              This is my face after trying the better beans   

              thanks again.


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                Re: Manometer on coffee machine

                Oh fantastic news kai

                Happy to help