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  • What should I do?

    Excuse if this is in wrong section, as im unsure where to post. Im seriously contemplating buying a machine/grinder and start exploring the world of brewing my own coffee at home.
    I have read on these fine forums that a good grinder is critical, so would look at spending about $500 there.
    As for a machine, my budget at this stage is only up to around $700, so may have to look at second hand.
    I have also been researching the Atomic Home Espresso machines (stove top variety), and although they date back 30 years or so, apparently make great coffee.
    Would buying one of these machines be a backward step, or should I stick with an electric machine from all the usual suspects?

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    Re: What should I do?

    Do you know what type of coffee you like?

    Different machines produce different types of coffee.

    A syphon produces a clean coffee, often more clarity is seen with these.

    An espresso from a machine is strong, full body.

    There is nothing wrong with the Atomics, it just depends on if you like that style of coffee.

    Depending on where you are, we might be able to direct you to somewhere that has a full range of types you can try.


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      Re: What should I do?

      Sorry for not being more specific. I just want to make espresso coffee.
      Its time I stopped drinking instant coffee.
      Id be interested in trying coffee made by an Atomic machine here in Brisbane too, to see what I think.


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        Re: What should I do?

        Ah ok

        In terms of dollars, you would be looking second hand or at the Sunbeam EM6910, which despite what critics say, can make a great espresso as long as you have the patience to learn how to get the best out of it.

        You could also look at the Lelit, you will often find second hand ones in the CS for sale section, or if you stretched just slightly you could get a new one, JetBlack have a reseller in Brisbane for the Lelits.  That will equally do the job that you want at this stage

        For the total price of $1200 that youve put up you could easily buy a new Lelit or Silva and the Breville Smart Grinder and still come away with enough money to spend on accessories


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          Re: What should I do?

          Hey soundfanz (=

          There is a long list of sponsors on the left column, some are based in Qld and other interstate sponsors have resellers in Qld and will also ship to Brisbane. Have a chat with them and see if they migh be able to let you have a hands on session on some machines within your budget and they will also be able to recommend a package that will offer biggest bang for your bucks. Alternatively, walk into an electronics shop and ask to try out the machines they have on demo.
          Whichever option you pick, you will be able to get lots of information and support in this forum. (=



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            Re: What should I do?

            If you spend your $500 on a grinder, that leaves only $200 or so to play with for the Espresso Machine, This limits you somewhat with what you can go for.

            Ive seen the Atomic style Espresso machines secondhand at around $200-$300. There might be cheaper ones about, but you are really going to be searching for one that is in decent nick.

            Best Bet? Look for a cheapie Breville or Sunbeam machine, You can get both for under $200, and with an Unpressurized basket (even if you modify it yourself) they are a good learning step on how to get the basics of making an espresso, and if anything goes wrong, You have the warranty and the backup that you may not have with a second hand machine (in other words, Buyer Beware)


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              Re: What should I do?

              I think he meant to say he has about $1200 in total, with about $500 set aside for a grinder (:

              Heres a link to Sorrentinas list of stove-top coffee makers. If you are interested in an Atomic or other stove-top coffee makers, I think Jakes someone who can answer many of your questions (:


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                Re: What should I do?

                Breville smart grinder is a good grinder around $250 that does espresso well. Then you could look at reasonable machine. Silvia? Gaggia classic etc. or presso or aeropress?