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    Many of us here Roast our own beans and have our own way of storing the precious beans once roasted, We store our beans in containers ranging from the normal Jam jar right through to rubber sealed storage canisters, these all work very well indeed.
    Last night whilst my wife and I were doing our shopping we came across a brand of coffee called "Illy" and its from a country that is very close to my heart.The actual container for the coffee is a great inovation.
    The container is just your every day tin with a screw on sealable tid, however the base reveals an entirely different situation, The Base has a one way valve in it that allows the CO2 gasses from the coffee beans to escape whilst keeping the beans fresh and out of the light.
    The coffee itself is rather nice as well, but I must admit home roasted is much nicer, but if I have to have a commercial brand this would quite easily consumed by this household.
    Regardless of how the coffee might taste the tin in itself is worth having.