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Coffee Powered Car

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  • Coffee Powered Car


    Would be a waste to use high quality arabica beans but hey, at least you could use those cheap robusta beans for fuel 

    (edit Andy - to embed a clip just click on the media icon, the one above the highlight, and it will tag with media in square brackets)

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    Re: Coffee Powered Car

    The flame shooting out the side of the engine really does not look safe!


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      Re: Coffee Powered Car

      looks tough though!

      It is safe, safer than not having it there.

      The gotcha with their system is that once you are generating the gas you need to either run it in the motor or burn it off outside the vehicle. That cap on the side is just a "blow off" of the unused fuel that they have ignighted.

      Great project. Funny that the poms picked a Rover too.


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        Re: Coffee Powered Car

        Heres a report on the record attempt:

        Java "No need to paint flames on the side!" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Re: Coffee Powered Car

          Hmm, from my understanding, it uses Used grounds, Hmmm, I wonder...

          nah, I dont think I drink THAT much coffee...

          Strictly speaking, it should use pretty much any cellulose organic matter to produce the go juice its just that these guys have decided to stay with used coffee grounds as a reasonably portable and rather easy to store substance. Though I do agree that the flame out the side is a bit iffy. Id rather put it pointing backwards to get any potential tailgaters. or maybe point it directly forward "get outta my way" like