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What will be the best setting for double shot?

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  • What will be the best setting for double shot?

    Hi all,
    I am pretty new in the expresso machine world.
    I had my EM6910 for nearly three years, now I had a GEE (also for sale now).
    I have this question is because when I just start to use the EM6910, I know the setting for double shot is 60ml water delivering.
    So we can adjust our grinding, amount of coffee, tamping to make the double shot (60ml) pouring in 25-30s to achieve the recommendation.

    However, the GEE I got now has a manufactory setting for double shot is 45s, so if the coffee padding is wrong, it will give you a far more than 60ml "espresso".

    After google around, a lot of barista suggest either single or double espresso should finish in 25-30s from their empirical trial and error.
    Few other espresso "scientist", Ernesto Illy, Susana Andueza and Marino Petracco, they prove the first 25-30 second brew time is the best extraction time due to the bad flavor start to increase after 30s.

    Therefore, I wonder beside the manual bottom for people who can control the brew time by themself, any suggestion for the factory setting for double shot?
    Either time or water amount?
    If time for double is the same as single shot, what is the main difference between single and double setting?
    I am pretty confused of the difference between single and double shot now.


    Andueza, S., Vila, M. A., Paz de Pena, M. & Cid, C. (2007). Influence of coffee/water ratio on the final quality of espresso coffee. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 87, 586-592.
    Illy, E. (2002). The complexity of coffee. Scientific American 286, 86.
    Petracco M. The cup, in Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality, ed. by Illy A and Viani R. Academic Press, London, pp. 290–315 (2005).

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    Re: What will be the best setting for double shot?

    The difference between a single and a double shot is the amount of coffee in the group head. If you brew 30ml of coffee from a double basket (around the 16g mark) then you dont really have an espresso you have close to a double ristretto. In essence you are under extracting your coffee.

    Im not familiar with the GEE (or what it stands for ) but if it has a setting that is purely based on time then Id advise against using it and go for either by volume of brewed coffee or just manually cut it off when you feel it is ready.


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      Re: What will be the best setting for double shot?

      Thanks, james.
      I know the different amount of the coffee bean which are used for single and double.
      Sorry I may not explain things clearly (pardon me English is my 2nd language).

      The "GEE" is another espresso coffee machine lately has been brought to this market.
      Some positive and some negative feedback and review around this forum and internet.
      What my main concern is when people choose to press the manual bottom of brewing and compare to the factory double shot setting is different or not.
      Because I only have EM6910 before, I know how to adjust the espresso when the brewing time is too short or too long.
      But this new machine just frustrate me with its different setting.

      Since there are experienced espresso machine user here, thats why I wonder if people know the different setting of a machine in single and double shot bottom.



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        Re: What will be the best setting for double shot?

        I dont know the GEE, but either find a manual setting that gives you the shots you want, or just pull the cup(s) out early.



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          Re: What will be the best setting for double shot?

          Gday Colin...

          Try dropping a PM to Chris at Talk Coffee. They stock the GEE (or used to) and Chris knows a fair bit about them... 8-)

          All the best,


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            Re: What will be the best setting for double shot?

            Thanks Greg and Mal,
            I can adjust the setting of double shot of GEE to 25-30s.
            But I just can not understand the theory behind it since I have EM6910 which is using 60ml water as factory setting.

            Now I just use 30s to brew 60ish ml espresso.
            I can feel the 45s-extraction espresso has bad flavour, but I am not sure if its overextract the bad flavour or just simply diluted.