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    I recall this blend has been mentioned a few times in the past, below is some correspondence I had with the owner re the possibility of direct imports. Malabar Gold is an iconic product and one of the industry benchmarks. Whilst I would be curious to try it the logistics sound somewhat daunting. Further info at

    "Maurice :

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Malabar Gold is priced at $3.14 /lb, ex-warehouse in Oakland, California, USA. It is packed in 100 lbs/bag. Title
    passes to buyer, in the warehouse, once it is paid for.

    There are additional charges for special handling. The warehouse charges $2.50/bag for shrinkwrapping and $13.00
    for a pallet and shrinkwrapping.

    Most of our overseas customers use a freight forwarder to take possession of the coffee in the warehouse, have it
    transported to the port and have it placed on a ship for sailing to the importers port of entry. Total shipping cost
    depends on how much coffee is purchased, where in the world you are and the charges levied by the freight

    It is best for you to find a freight forwarder in your country and have him/her make all the arrangements with their
    correspondents in the US. That way, you have someone in your country responsible for the shipment, in case
    something goes wrong.

    You also will need to handle customs and duty in your country.

    Malabar Gold is a proprietary blend and you will have to agree to protect our commercial interest. If you are
    homeroasters, you will have to declare that this is for your personal non-commercial use and agree not to show the
    green blend to anyone who now has, or will in the future have, any commercial interest.

    If you are a commercial roaster, you will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect our proprietary interest
    in this blend, before you can actually get the coffee. You will also have to tell us more about you and your operation
    in whichever country you are in.

    It is my general experience that shipping one bag by a freight carrier is not economical. US mail has strict weight
    limits on packages. Maximum weight of a package to Australia is 44 pounds. That means only 40 lbs of coffee.

    Please tell us what you would like to do in this case.

    Dr. Joseph John
    Josuma Coffee Company
    Importers, Distributors, and Roasters of Fine Coffees from India

    and then this follow up

    "Maurice :

    We do not sell this coffee thru anyone in Australia at this time. This proprietary blend will not be distributed to any
    commercial roasters thru any one else. Commercial roasters have to deal directly with us.

    The only exception would be if some one in Australia wants to resell this coffee in retail quantities to home roasters.
    Because we are not set up to retail this coffee blend in the green, there are three "distributors" in the US that do
    retail to home roasters. There is one in UK and one in Taiwan.

    Dr. Joseph John
    Josuma Coffee Company
    Importers, Distributors, and Roasters of Fine Coffees from India