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Storing green beans

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  • Storing green beans

    Hi there

    I now have a selection of green beans and an wondering about the best way to store and how long they should last if stored correctly.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Storing green beans

    Hi There Hiker,

    Firstly, if you got the green beans from Coffee Snobs then I suggest that they will be about as fresh as you can get for green beans, so up to 2 years is possible if you have a cool, dark, and low humidity/dampness storage area/container.

    Personally I keep mine in an old metal trunk under the house with a container of damp rid inside the trunk to minimise the dampness that we get down here in Tassy at this time of year.

    I have read some CSs are keeping them in all sorts of places like any spare wardrobe space inside, so doesnt seem to be that critical.

    Im sure somebody else will have some other good ideas.

    Apart from that, I dont plan to try and keep my beans for too long, I tend to turn them over within a couple of months.



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      Re: Storing green beans

      Thanks Bullitt

      I have bought all the coffee from the CS Polls and have about 7 varieties - all >1kg as they are used (roasted in my CR100)
      Ill put them in the wine cellar and try to rotate.