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The perfect caramel latte

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  • The perfect caramel latte

    Hi guys,

    Not sure how many of you even liking adding syrups to your coffees but occasionally I dont mind adding some caramel syrup to mine maybe when having desert or something as I never add sugar to my standard lattes.

    Just wondering for those of you that have more experience with this what are the best syrups out there and where to get them? Also how much do you find to be the amount in a 16oz cup?


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    Re: The perfect caramel latte

    You might struggle to get many replies on adding syrup on this site... most of us are having a great time with fresh coffee and the amazingly different flavours from different farms and processing methods.

    However, I judged a coffee comp a couple of months ago that had a percentage of syrup coffees in it. DaVinci Gourmet were the supplier of the syrup and I found a couple that I would have again.

    I have no need to ever put syrup in a coffee but I can see someone wanting to do it as a different drink or as you said, a desert drink.

    Roasted Almond was easily the best one I tried on the day, I cringed as I bought the cup to my lips expecting "plastic, chemical flavours" but instead was happily shocked that this was indeed a good drink (not coffee, but a darn good and interesting drink).

    Different Baristas had a different methods of adding syrup to the comp drinks and those that added it before the milk tasted much better than those that added it after. Its too easy to layer it afterwards making an uneven taste through the cup.

    As for how much... I suggest you just give it a try and do it to suit your own taste.


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      Re: The perfect caramel latte

      At work we used to use 30mL of DaVinci Gourmet caramel to 200mL of whatever else you want to put in the drink.

      As far as mixing goes, add it to the shot, stir, texture your milk and then pour. 

      These days were using Shott syrups, and theyre disgusting. Stay away at all costs.


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        Re: The perfect caramel latte

        Has anyone tried making there own syrups they can be quite interesting especially when you shy away from the commercial flavours and create them from your own ingredients without artificial additives etc.

        I once made a rose syrup and a macadamia syrup , good flavours used in very small quantities to enhance an espresso shot can be quite interesting, mixed in with all the milk they just overpower and the coffee is lost. With a high grade coffee they can be very interesting( with the focus on the coffee and just a subtle hint of the flavour).........I dont demo these on customers, just a friend lol ,got a few ideas for barista comps next year....back to the lab :-X making your own is so much better though especially when it tastes good.

        have a raid of the cupboard and the spice rack if you feel like playing......remember subtle is the key. This has got me inspired again!, that an the 7 boags pures and 2 drambuies ive just necked.