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  • Proserpine

    Heres a coincidence.

    My wife and I spent last week on Sth Molle island of the Queensland coast.
    We had a nice relaxing time and it sure is warmer than Sydney at the moment.
    We flew to Proserpine, north of Mackay, and then took a shuttle bus to the harbour and finally a boat to the island.
    Quite a little adventure just getting there.

    While doing some reading today on growing coffee in Australia, I ran across this:

    "Youd normally associate the Whitsundays with long lazy days on palm-fronded tropical islands, cocktail in hand. But its a little-known fact that its also home to Australias third largest coffee farm.

    In an area thats traditionally been sugar cane territory, its hard to miss the quarter of a million trees that stand out against the backdrop of sugar, just outside of Proserpine, about 100km north of Mackay."
    Note from Mal: Black is too hard to read against an Olive Green background..... showing my age

    Id told her before we left home that Id be ordering my new machine when we got home.
    So for the week my mind was elsewhere.
    Just lots of long lazy days on a palm-fronded tropical island.

    I must have passed those coffee trees while on the bus to and from the boat and not noticed. :
    There were some trees I couldnt identify, and I consider my gardening knowledge to be not too bad.
    Must have been the coffee. I have never seen any in the flesh before.

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    Re: Proserpine

    And I thought I was old. [smiley=wink.gif]