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C150 water filter kit - installation

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  • C150 water filter kit - installation

    I recently decided it was time to act on a water filter kit and purchased the C150.
    It arrived as a bag of parts with no instructions.

    I have sent a note to Bombora (Fridge Filters) today asking for assistance, but as it is a Sunday and I am keen to try and complete this today, I thought I would see if anyone who has been through this could help.

    Basically, the part I am stuck on is how to connect the mains water to the system. Further to that, if I want to keep our existing cold water tap, do I need to go and buy a T connector to allow this?

    I can provide pics if needed.

    Anyone able to help?



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    Re: C150 water filter kit - installation

    Hi Brett,

    There are a few different kits and it depends on which you have.

    I think it should look something like 1/2" male cold outlet>PLV>Filter>3/8-1/4Reducer>(t-piece to machine if plumbing in)>Supplied additional sink tap.

    Hope that helps



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      Re: C150 water filter kit - installation


      Yep - that helps. Thanks.

      I will head off to the hardware store with various parts in my pocket to see if I can get the right kind of connector.

      The new tap is in place, the spot for the filter under the sink is clear, the poly tubes are nearly all connected. Just need to get the last part done and I think Im there.



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        Re: C150 water filter kit - installation

        Well, no joy Im afraid.
        Once again I am proving that as a plumber, Im a good IT consultant.

        Found the required pieces to make the junction. Seemed to tape it all up OK, but I think Im missing something with the connection to the filter. The pressure in and out seems too high and there were leaks in a few places.

        I have some bits over in the bag and I am unsure if any of them are meant to be in place somewhere to help reduce the flow rate.

        I have reverted the connections to original for now and will have another go at it once I have a chat with Bombora.

        Oh well - time to roast coffee now.