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  • Buying beans

    Hi all,

    Im still pretty new to this forum, but have found so much useful information from it from what people have posted. So i thought it might be a good place to ask people there personal opinion on where they feel is the best place to buy fresh roasted beans from??

    I guess im trying to kill two birds with one stone by asking this as i would like to know so i can try them out but i would also like to know where people get there beans from and why they think those particular beans are so good.

    I would also want to hear from anyone who can convince me into home roasting other than over time the cost comparison to buying beans.



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    Re: Buying beans

    Hi Chris,

    personally I feel any local roaster is better, since youre not only supporting a local small business but you also save on travel or postage costs. Make sure they print "roasted on" dates, and youre most of the way to good beans. Even have a chat to the roaster and you may both be suprised at each other!

    Ive purchased here from Bean Bay, Pioneer, and Supreme Roasters, and found them all pretty good.

    Secondly, an advantage to home-roasting for me (not that I do it yet) is I could roast smaller batches at a time (eg 200g) and have a rolling stock of ready to use beans, instead of buying 1/2 to 1kg and only using a small amount of them in the "optimal" window of 1 < x < 2 weeks, or whatever.

    Plus it looks fun, and will be hard for your friends to beat!


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      Re: Buying beans

      i totally agree with you, about the benefits of home roasting. Buying beans and trying them is great, except if you buy them in bulk the they start to go funny after a week. I will have to try some of the places you mentioned. I am from Melbourne so i have tried a few through out the state. One being a favourite of mine and thats fivesenses.

      But i definitely think home roasting is the go, its just knowing were to start and how to start..


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        Re: Buying beans

        If you are thinking of home roasting, start sooner rather than later. You will never look back.

        All you need is a heat gun and an old bread maker to start (or a pan and do the mixing with a whisk), and maybe a couple of colanders to cool the beans.

        Its easy, fun and tastes great!!



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          Re: Buying beans

          Originally posted by 3B373E3E3D3D3B302A312B580 link=1323059533/2#2 date=1323062544
          I am from Melbourne
          There are a multitude of wonderful roasters to source beans from in Melbourne.
          Proud Mary, Auction Rooms, Axil and Seven Seeds to name but a few.

          And then youve got Andys wonderful beans from BeanBay.

          There are so many wonderful options these days so theres no excuse for bad beans anymore.