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Warm Heart Coffee from Thailand... Help needed.

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  • Warm Heart Coffee from Thailand... Help needed.

    My name is Tim Dunlea and I am currently working as a volunteer at an NGO called Warm Heart ( in the Phrao District of Thailand. I have arrived recently (18th October 2011) in Thailand to help develop a number educational programs ranging from teaching English to working with the disabled and elderly.  Warm Heart is a grassroots organization that empowers rural villages, particularly in the Phrao Valley, by addressing an acute need to help the people reach their full potential and helping them help themselves. All Warm Heart programs provide economically and environmentally sustainable improvements in living standards and are built on community desire and involvement. Our programs fall into three categories: Education, Health, and Micro-enterprise.

    Michael Shafer, Director of Warm Heart (, is focused on developing sustainable economic programs for the people of Phrao. One of these Micro-enterprise programs is a coffee growing, roasting and exporting program.   The people of Phrao would grow, pick and export the green beans. A large percentage of the income will be directed towards the people of Phrao involved with this coffee project.  More importantly, we are doing this within the communities that we are helping and alongside the local governments, towns people and farmers.

    Would you be either interested in helping this program take off by being a  potential buyer or by helping us export the coffee to places in Australia? or simply offer some information that could help this project begin?

    Personally, I have lived in Melbourne all my life and have loved the growth of the coffee scene within my home town. Over the years I have toured and ventured near and far for the best coffee being brewed. St Ali, Liar Liar, Cafe Ora, Maling Room, Brother Buba Budan, 3 Bags, Apte, Proud Mary, Auction Rooms, Seven Seeds... just to name a few!I have been a huge fan of what John Vroom and Nolan Hirte have done with the coffee scene in Melbourne.  Throughout my time of sitting and sipping upon the finest hot beverages, I have discussed with the baristas and sometimes the owners about the process of growing, roasting and grinding the beans right through to fair trade and helping disadvantaged nations build a strong economic growth.  My interest has grown past the simple (yet extremely enjoyable) stages of drinking a coffee. 

    If you require more details of our project, please private message myself and I can send you relevant information and some references about myself.

    Kind REgards,
    Keirtar (Tim Dunlea)