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  • Release of 2012 Models

    Hi CSers

    Im sitting on the sidelines like a 11yr old trying to break into the under 13 footy team My breville has kept me happy for 5yrs and now I am in search of the machine/\/grinder for which I wont need to upgrade or have the urge in the coming 5-7yrs. So my coins as I am saving will have a budget in the range of 4.5-5K in total. Ive started to accumulate a few items already in anticipation like filtration system, jugs, tamper, tamper stand & mat, cleaning gear, ACF cups and a behmor........... :

    Ive already committed to purchasing from TalkCoffee as I just see from this forum what Chris has offered in customer service to CS members.

    So my big question, is there a period in the year when we see 2012 release of new models to hit the market? Is there a period in the year when the new toys hit the market?

    Id appreciate any feedback you CS members had, as this stage it looks like an April purchase in my household. Until then I just dream for the ultimate machine.



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    Re: Release of 2012 Models

    Hi Jonty,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.

    To answer your question, model cycles on the major machines represent much more evolution than revolution. The Giotto for example has existed in 3 major forms since circa 2000- Classic, Premium and Premuim Plus. Rotary pump variants have arrived in the last few years.

    I am sure that we will see new machines come to market in 2012- Dual boiler VBM etc, but there is no yearly "model cycle" as youd see with cars. 

    Techs can often recognise internal variations which end users dont see. As an example, there are variations in Domobar Junior pressurestats and recent Giotto stock now ships with the usual copper boiler but sans the external nickel plating which has disappeared in the last month or so. I understand that there are some USA sensitivities there but cannot fathom why youd worry about something on the outside of a boiler... :-/

    My advice is to buy what you like as as far as I know, nothing of any particular significance is slated for the short-medium term.