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Coffee and cakes

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    Re: Coffee and cakes

    Does anyone have a good recipe for tiramisu?

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    Coffee and cakes

    I am a drifter onto and off of this site- not a coffee madman, or coffee snob, but deffo into my coffee taste.  We have a saying in England, "cup of coffee and a slice of cake". And theres nothing that compliments a great cup of a coffee than a decent slice of cake.

    Slices of cake can be pretty expensive to buy (especially if you go to somewhere like Cafe Nero), so Ibe been trying to bake my own cakes!

    My latest effort was from here:

    Its called a festive biscotti and it goes great with coffee. I made it in my breadmaker, and much to my amazement, it came out fine, and my family reaslly enjoyed it!  If i can do it, Im sure you can. The ingredients you need are:

        350g plain flour
        100g caster sugar
        1 tsp baking powder
        ¼ tsp salt
        3 medium eggs, beaten
        1 tsp vanilla extract
        1tsp almond essence
        30g white chocolate chunks
        80g dried cranberries
        50g chopped hazelnuts