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Dessert idea with coffee

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  • Dessert idea with coffee

    Just thought Id share this one:

    A few pieces of dark chocolate heated in bain-marie, a banana, split lengthwise, vanilla ice cream onto the split banana.
    Take the pot of melted chocolate out of the bain-marie and pull a double-espresso (I used a Yirg/Brazil 50/50 blend, but I suspect it really doesnt matter  ) into it. Mix it all up into a smooth coffee-chocolate sauce and then pour the warm sauce over the ice cream and banana.

    The warm coffee-chocolate sauce will also work with ice-cream by itself.

    Ate it too quickly so couldnt take a photo  :P


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    Re: Dessert idea with coffee

    Lately I have been having flavoured Macarons which seem to really hit the spot at morning tea time! There are some cafes in Fairy Meadow and North Wollongong that do really good desserts.


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      Re: Dessert idea with coffee

      You could make a larger batch of coffee chocolate sauce by melting the the chocolate in a double boiler (or even a microwave on low), adding coffee (you could do this with any source of strong coffee) to taste and a small amount of cream (probably up to equal quantity cream : chocolate?)
      This should set firm to viscous (depending on the cream quantity) in the fridge and keep for around a week.

      You could even just eat the sauce by itself

      Im not sold on the coffee/banana combination myself, but with a good vanilla or coffee ice cream, yum


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        Re: Dessert idea with coffee

        We started jazzing up the standard "Chocolate Ripple Cake" recipe by adding a double shot of espresso to the cream. Best thing ever.